Watch: “What If Wes Anderson Directed a Tarantino Movie?” video

Watch: “What If Wes Anderson Directed a Tarantino Movie?” video

by Alex Billington
October 13, 2022
Source: youtube

In this latest edition of What happened ifvideo editor Luís Azevedo wonders: What if Wes Anderson directed a Tarantino film?. Developed for Little White Lies, this fun 5-minute YouTube mashup edits clips from all of Quentin Tarantino’s films in the style of a Wes Anderson film. Yes, it’s that simple, but it’s also such a quirky, amusing, quirky video that recreates the cinematic aesthetic of Anderson’s films well. There are clips from almost every Tarantino film Jackie Brown to Django Unchainedout kill Bill to The Hateful Eight. Don’t even think twice, just click play and enjoy!! This isn’t even the first “if directed by Wes Anderson” video, we also posted about: The Grand Overlook Hotel – Wes Anderson The glow and The creepy X-Men – Wes Anderson X-Men. Now it’s time for The Royal Tarantinos.

What if Wes Anderson directed a Tarantino film?

Thanks to Little White Lies for this tip. Short description from YouTube: “What if Wes Anderson directed a Tarantino movie? It could look something like this…” This funny video was edited and created by a Portuguese filmmaker/editor Luis Azevedo – made for the Little White Lies video channel. Follow him on Twitter for more of his videos @LuisAFAzevedo. You can also check out a few more of Luís’ creations: Women in Film 2020 retrospective and What Makes a Great Film Company Logo?, or check out his own The Vega brothers – A fake Tarantino movie trailer. We also featured his video The Colors of Jordan Peele a few months ago. He conjures up new videos for LWLies for their YouTube channel every week. It’s fun to see these two directors together, but it also makes me wish we could actually see them work together in some way. Maybe?

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