Walmart aims to democratize social commerce with a new creator platform

Walmart has launched a new platform to help developers build and monetize shoppable social content with their products.

The Walmart Creator Portal allows creators to access tens of thousands of products to create content around. In return, creators receive commissions on sales, with no cap on their earnings. According to Walmart, the ultimate goal is to “democratize the tools and resources” required to become a creator.

“We know our customers are inspired by the content and stories they see on their social feeds every day from their favorite influencers,” Walmart US chief marketing officer William White said in a statement. “This next step in our strategy will help drive inspiration for our customers by connecting their favorite creators directly to our brand and the brands they love at Walmart.”

Through the new platform, developers have the ability to share product links to any social platform or group of their choice, receive product recommendations based on their interests and affinities, and track and view performance in an analytics dashboard to understand how customers feel have engaged with products they have presented. Creators can also apply to participate in upcoming brand campaigns.

Interested developers can apply to participate in the platform’s beta launch; Walmart Creator is slated for a full launch next year. Walmart also said it plans to “rapidly evolve and iterate” the platform over time to develop features and experiences that make it easier for creators to create and publish content and for customers to shop through Walmart.

In recent years, Walmart has steadily expanded its Shoppable Content Machine:

  • In September 2022, the retailer announced a series of new integrations into its retail media network to enable advertisers to develop in-store content, including partnerships with live streaming platforms Fireworks and TalkShopLive;
  • A retail media deal that builds on a previous partnership with TalkShopLive that allowed the retailer to create its own shoppable content; and
  • In 2021, Walmart launched a number of partnerships with content producers, including So delicious and magazine publishers meredithas well as hosting twitters First ever shoppable livestream.