Revv Navigates Next-Generation Document Automation; Announces beta release of Ethereum wallet-powered eSignatures

MENLO PARK, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE). Now, Revv users can select their Ethereum wallet to verify their identity, e-sign documents, and strengthen signing evidence with the audit trail associated with the wallet.

Revv is a pioneer in achieving this feat. The feature combines the power of eSignature technology and blockchain infrastructure, extending document signing capabilities to the decentralized web. It complements Revv’s list of existing e-signature methods, where you can choose from the predefined styles, draw your own, or upload your signature image.

Establishing a signer’s identity in the signing process is at the heart of e-signature laws around the world. The wallet’s public address provides an additional layer of user identity verification alongside the existing email and phone number verification methods. Revv makes signing documents with the Ethereum wallet an off-chain process. This means that it is not a blockchain interaction, only its cryptographic functions. That also means no gas fee is required to carry out these electronic transactions.

“At Revv, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to create more secure ways to e-sign documents. With the beta release of Ethereum wallet-based eSignatures, we aim to enhance these functionalities by leveraging the blockchain infrastructure and providing our users with the best eSignature experience,” said Rishi Kulkarni, CEO and co-founder of Revv.

Revv has launched the first iteration of Ethereum wallet powered eSignatures with MetaMask – one of the most popular crypto wallets that allows users to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem. MetaMask is a secure wallet protected with a strong password and a user’s private key, all encrypted in a user’s browser rather than being stored on a remote server. This cryptographically secure system offers the highest level of security when using MetaMask in public or private WLANs.

To start the document signing process with the MetaMask wallet, a user first logs into their MetaMask account by signing a unique message with their private key, which verifies the wallet’s public address, and appends it to that user’s signature tag. It ensures that the user owns the Ethereum address and allows the system to authenticate their access.

The Ethereum wallet-powered eSignatures strengthen evidence support with three new components – the wallet’s public address, the signature ID, and the signed message. These components add a robust layer to the existing audit trail that includes a unique ID, the name of the document, the date and time the document was viewed, generated and e-signed, and the IP addresses from which the document was accessed .

What’s next?

Revv strives to solidify trust in e-signatures with blockchain-verified audit trails, a feature planned for the next beta release. Inspired by the use of blockchain to strengthen supply chain traceability, this will allow users to automatically store the hash of the audit trail on the Ethereum blockchain, thus ensuring the anti-counterfeiting of documents. The feature will be particularly beneficial for customers who want to keep the evidence of their document in a neutral location not owned by a third party and want to improve compliance.

“This new paradigm opens doors to future-proof e-signature solutions. In the near roadmap we will also offer eSignature convenience from other popular Ethereum wallets in addition to the blockchain verified audit trail. We also aim to extend crypto wallet signature support to other popular and low-cost blockchain networks like Polygon, Stellar, Tron, Solana, etc.,” adds Rishi.

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