PR and creative agency Keep Left is repositioning itself with an all-round offer

Independent PR and creative agency Keep Left has launched a new brand positioning, ‘Ideas People Choose’, which aims to take a audience-centric strategy approach focused on capturing audience attention.

The repositioning is based on the ability to build agencies in the areas of strategy, creative and account management as well as PR and content marketing.

Keep Left repositioned itself as an integrated PR and creative agency for the first time in 2019. Over the past two years, the company has held senior creative positions including ex-Leo Burnett Blair Kimber as ECD and Mike Doman as Executive Strategy Director.

Speaking to Mumbrella, Keep Left CEO Caroline Catterall said the repositioning was prompted by Keep Left’s evolved offering.


“Our processes and capabilities have all experienced dramatic growth over the last few years, thanks to new hires and investments in new tools. We are no longer “just” a PR agency and our growing list of clients and projects reflects this.

“While working on the rebranding, we consciously kept in mind what we consider to be our superpower, and that is the ability to attract attention. This fundamentally underpins Ideas People Choose, which is about applying a deserved sensibility not just to PR, but to the entire marketing mix.”

While PR service is still part of the core offering, Keep Left will build on new initiatives launched over the past six months and merge the agency as “One-Org.”

The agency introduced the “creative trios” – the pairing of an art director and copywriter with a PR specialist – that challenge where ideas are now coming from and give earned media a voice from the very beginning of the creative process.

Caroline Catterall

Catterall said Keep Left wants to create an agency model that breaks down “silos” of earned, owned, and paid media capabilities. When asked if there were any risks of generalizing and if the agency would be left without specialization, Catterall told Mumbrella that Keep Left’s repositioning aims to be “the face of modern communications for today and where it needs to be.” to reflect.

“Our sizing and hiring strategy over the past 18 months has given us two strong ingredients to ensure the quality of work is not compromised: diversity and depth,” she said.

“As the lines between PR and advertising become increasingly blurred, we find it a great advantage to be able to think more about the problem and the ideal solution when an order comes in, rather than being constrained by a narrow service offering that leads us to come first to think of the channels .

“You’ll be amazed at how often a ‘simple’ PR letter becomes a content series of its own or a digital experience. The world doesn’t think in terms of earned, owned and paid, so neither do we.”

Keep Left will be launching a new content series on November 1st to celebrate its 21st birthday.