Pinterest offers new insights for marketers, updated conversions API

Pinterest has announced an update to its Pinterest Trends tool that will give marketers more insight into the latest changes and opportunities, while also launching a new Conversions API that will provide additional Pin Shopping data for retailers.

First on the updated Pinterest trends – Pinterest has added some new trending shortcuts to the main page, making it easier to find important information about the latest trends in the app.

As you can see in this image, Pinterest Trends’ new interface provides more immediate access to data reports and notes that could help drive your strategic decisions.

Users now have access to:

  • Trends your audience loves – This widget on the Pinterest Trends homepage allows advertisers to see what’s been trending with their engaged users and followers over the past 90 days.
  • Trends by demographics – Pinterest Trends also allows advertisers to filter by age, topic, time and location
  • Seasonal Trends – New seasonal trend information helps advertisers better align content and marketing calendars with when pinners are most engaged on different topics

In addition to these new data reports, Pinterest’s also expands access to Pinterest Trends to 30 more countries and 22 languages ​​worldwide.

It’s a handy insight tool, and if you’re serious about getting the most out of Pinterest for your business, then Pinterest Trends will be a valuable addition to your research approach that could help you discover all the new ways to engage with your audiences to connect the app.

The Pinterest API for conversions gives advertisers another way to track their Pin performance based on sales data recorded outside of the app.

According to Pinterest:

The Pinterest API for Conversions is a new secure and reliable way for advertisers to connect their data to Pinterest, enabling better targeting and measurement. This tagless server-to-server solution gives advertisers continuous performance visibility while enabling optimization of Pinterest ad campaigns.”

Pinterest’s Conversions API allows advertisers to send their cross-platform conversion data directly to Pinterest via a server-to-server process, without the need for a Pinterest tag.

Advertisers can send real-time or batch web, in-app, or offline conversions to Pinterest’s server-to-server endpoint. Events received in real time or within an hour of the event occurring are reported as web or app events. These conversions can then be attributed to Pinterest campaigns for conversion reporting to improve conversion visibility.”

Of course, implementing such solutions requires development expertise, so it’s more of a high-end option. But it could provide more insight into how your Pin campaigns drive subsequent purchase activity – and since this process is conducted via a direct connection between the advertiser and the app and no user information is shared, it will not be impacted by the privacy restrictions evolving in app.

Both updates could add value to marketers in different ways. And with Pinterest seeing a spike in interest lately as it works to stay at the forefront of the e-commerce wave, signs seem to suggest the platform could be a popular gift-buying destination this Christmas .

You can see Pinterest Trends here and learn more about the Conversions API at this link.