Overheard at Advertising Week: “Don’t overbuild the brief for creators”

The Drum’s US editorial team is currently on the ground covering Advertising Week 2022. Here are the insightful, poignant and provocative things industry leaders are saying.

This is what marketing moguls are saying at Advertising Week 2022 / Credit: Adobe Stock

“There is so much power in three small letters: ‘Yes’. To take risks. It’s okay to fail. You fail hard, you move on, you move on fast.”

– Jennifer Healan, Vice President of US Marketing and Content, McDonald’s

“It’s not about cookie or no cookie. It’s about who you know and who you don’t know, and then how do you market them differently.”

– Jen Whelan, Senior Vice President, Head of B2B Marketing, Yahoo

“The audience has a short-term memory. Don’t be afraid to devalue something as a brand if it’s not well received. People will remember your viral content and forget about the things that aren’t that interesting.”

Pablo Rochat, artist and creative director

“We recommend that brands don’t overstate the brief when it comes to creators. They hire them because they have the authenticity; You connect with the audience. As a brand, all you have to do is tell them about the product and your goals. Give them space to be themselves.”

– Kimberly Wu, global head of affiliate marketing, TikTok

“Every business should have a weather strategy… It affects every single person, every single business, every single day… It affects consumer behavior [and] affects how people feel. This is really important for a marketer [because] it tells you what they will buy.”

Sheri Bachstein, General Manager, The Weather Company

“People will follow the creators into the metaverse… Everyone thinks it’s going to be video games and a headset, but it’s really about being together when you’re not physically there.

– Nada Stirratt, Vice President, Meta

“It’s almost impossible to buy a bad product. You have to be determined not to check the reviews. It’s not like the sixties when you buy a product and hope it works… We like the up-and-coming ones associate [quality] businesses with consumers.”

– Mark Douglas, CEO, MNTN

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast. You can achieve so much when you have a team that embodies the right culture.”

– Kenny Mitchell, CMO, Snap Inc.

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