Omneky uses AI to generate social media ads • TechCrunch

Meet Omneky, a startup which leverages OpenAI’s DALLE-2 and GPT-3 models to generate images and text that can be used in social platform ads.

The company aims to make online advertising both cheaper and more effective thanks to recent innovations in artificial intelligence and computer vision. Omneky participates in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022.

While many fields have been automated in one way or another, creating ads is still mostly a manual process. It takes a lot of back and forth between a creative team and the person responsible for running online advertising campaigns.

Even if you manage to reach a final design, the new ads may not work as well as expected. You often have to return to the drawing board to iterate and create more ads.

Omneky aims to simplify all these steps. It starts with a nice software-as-a-service platform that centralizes all things related to your online advertising strategy.

After connecting Omneky to your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Snapchat accounts, the platform pulls performance data from your past advertising campaigns. From this analytics dashboard, you can see how much you’re spending, how many clicks you’re getting, average cost per click, and more.

But it gets more interesting when you start diving a little deeper. Omneky lists your top and bottom performing images and text used in your ads. Customers can click on individual ads to see more details.

Omneky automatically adds tags to each ad using computer vision and text analysis. The result is a dashboard with useful insights such as: B. The dominant color you should use, the optimal number of people in the ad, and some keywords that work well in the tagline.

This data is used to generate new ads. Customers write a prompt and generate new visuals using DALLE-2. Omneky also helps you with these prompts as it also uses GPT-3 to generate prompts based on top-performing keywords from previous campaigns.

Clients then get dozens of different AI-generated images to use in online ads. Similarly, Omneky can create ad copy for the text portion of your ads.

If you have a strong brand identity, Omneky can take that into account. The platform allows clients to upload digital assets and historical ads, allowing the platform to act as a central repository.

“Customers can upload the brand guidelines, the font, the logo. All of this is integrated with our AI to generate on-brand content,” Omneky Founder and CEO Hikari Senju told me in a call before TechCrunch Disrupt.

Of course, some images and text don’t work well for one reason or another. For this reason, Omneky does not run any advertising campaign without the consent of the customer. Team members can add comments, provide feedback, and request approval right on the platform.

As soon as customers approve a new ad, it is automatically uploaded and shown on social platforms – Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

After that you are back at the beginning. You can track the performance of your new ads from the analytics dashboard, iterate and improve your ad performance.

The company charges a subscription fee that varies depending on the number of integrations with social platforms you choose to use. Omneky’s long-term vision goes beyond advertising.

Online advertising involves a lot of data, so it’s easy to automate some of the steps required to run an online advertising campaign. But the startup believes it could apply the same methodology to other products, such as AI-generated landing pages.

If you extrapolate even further, it’s clear that AI-generated content will spark a revolution in the martech and adtech industries – and Omneky plans to be a part of this revolution.

Photo credit: Omneki