Need more accessibility for the disabled

I am disabled. I usually use a cane to walk. If I’m shopping at one of the big department stores in Kenosha or Racine, I need a shop scooter.

I’m curious as to why John Menard, Jr., the richest man in Wisconsin, only offers two at every Menards store. Lowe’s and Home Depot have at least four.

Walmart stores have several scooters, although they are used most of the time or need battery charging. Walmart needs to provide more scooters.

Hobby Lobby plays Christian music while you shop. But they are not Christian enough to think of the needs of their disabled customers by even providing scooters!

Menards, you should be more aware of the needs of your many customers. Until I can shop comfortably with a shop scooter, I will spend my money elsewhere.

Jeanie LeClaire, Kenosha

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