NAB launches messaging upgrades – finance – software

NAB introduced NAB Messaging, which uses natural language processing to give customers more control when requesting help from the bank.

With the new messaging platform, customers can choose when to start and reply to a conversation, view interaction history and chat via the NAB app, internet banking or website.

Formerly known as NAB Chat, NAB Messaging officially went live last Thursday. Users can now access the service by tapping the news icon in the NAB app or be found through the digital channels.

The virtual assistant can also connect NAB customers to a banker when used with the app or internet banking and send notifications when a query has been answered.

The bank said its virtual assistant was trained on real customer interactions and uses natural language processing AI to understand queries and respond with answers that match keywords.

The service was developed in partnership with digital engagement platform Khoros, which also powers the bank’s Apple Messages for Business, WhatsApp and Google Business Messages channels.

The bank expects NAB Messaging to handle more than 2.2 million customer inquiries over the next year as virtual assistants become more popular.

In the bank’s 2022 fiscal year, NAB chat and virtual assistant were accessed in over 2.5 million sessions.

NAB Executive Customer Engagement and Channel Experience Michelle Sherwood tells itnews it “launched NAB messaging to help and serve customers whenever they need it.”

“The way customers bank and connect with businesses is changing, and we’re responsive to their needs,” said Sherwood.

According to Sherwood, the messaging feature is asynchronous, allowing customers to engage with the bank when it suits them.

“Customers no longer have to sit in front of a screen, refresh it and wait for something to happen. You’ll get an instant confirmation from our virtual assistant,” Sherwood said.

“If the customer can’t chat right away, we’ll notify them when an answer is waiting.”

Sherwood said the virtual assistant is also “smarter than ever as part of this new feature,” answering over 600 different customer questions accurately.

“In a great example of ‘digital first, human when it matters’, clients can also be connected to the right banker for more complex queries, avoiding double processing,” she said.

“We also give the bankers time back. They no longer have to wait for a customer to respond so they can help more customers.”