Modern Warfare® II Release – Everything You Need to Know Before the New Era Begins with Early Access to the Campaign*

Goal “Aksel” Eriksen: A Norwegian Marinejegerkommandoen all-round specialist. Regarded as a modern Viking with a wide range of skills from diving to HALO jumping, EOD to hostage rescue situations.

“Calisto” Allard: A Franco-Spanish descendant of France’s last royal family who rebelled to join the elite Chasseurs Alpins of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade. An expert at high-altitude combat known for incredible accuracy, particularly her weapon of choice: the bow.

“Conor” Magnusson: A member of the Icelandic Coast Guard once recruited by Kate Laswell for a special operation.

“Fender” Takacs: A Hungarian Zászlós (Master Sergeant) in the country’s Defense Forces who specializes in high-value targets, demolitions, and urban combat. Growing up unaware of the identity of his father, a “great” CIA agent, he was told to always cover his face with a custom-made helmet.

Kim “Horangi” Hong-jin (Beta Operator Skin Reward): A South Korean gambler turned fortune teller once assigned to the 13th Special Mission Brigade of the ROK Armed Force. Expert in overcoming high-value targets with extreme risk appetites.

Darnell “Hutch” Hutchinson: An American college football athlete turned Navy network and data specialist. With the help of the Call of Duty Endowment, he found employment in the private cybersecurity sector after four years of active service, but eventually switched back after learning about Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command (MARFORCYBER).

“King”: An Austrian Jagdkommando within his country’s special forces, known only as a mountain of a man with a sniper’s hood covering his face.

Rozlin “Roze” helmets: An American Army Ranger formerly assigned by the Jackals to eliminate Al Qatala in Africa and the Shadow Company to restore order in Verdansk. Highly sought after for her knowledge of small unit tactics and hand-to-hand combat, she quit her contract within the turbulent enterprise and her dark suits in early 2022 to join SpecGru.

Salvatrice “Stiletto” Muselli: An Italian law enforcement officer within the Carabinieri’s anti-mafia and anti-narcotics task forces, notorious for her signature jackknife. A fearless urban warfare specialist who used her experience against the Cammora to train police forces against other crime syndicates and terrorist cells, including those in Las Almas.

Sami “Zero” Zakaria: An Egyptian Task Force 777 operator, part of the counter-terrorism unit within the country’s premier El-Sa’ka forces. His nickname comes from his path to ministry: wracked with grief after surviving an attack at a nightclub in which he lost his sisters, he sacrificed his opulent and privileged life for a selfless position of protecting others.

Hiro “Oni” Wantanabe (PlayStation exclusive): A Japanese descendant of a centuries-old samurai clan who left home as a teenager to avoid following his father’s wishes to join a crime syndicate. After serving overseas, he joined his country’s Special Assault Team, but was dishonorably discharged thanks to the influence and power of his father, who is now a leader of the same syndicate. Currently, Oni is a hitman who swears by the ancient samurai code of justice.

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