Malott’s Believe It or Not Week 6

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Last week I wrote:

Tonight, the Stallions +3.5 and +145 S/U are on their way against them Wild Horses -3.5 and -170 S/U. Eventually the Colts will have to get over their slow start, and no, like I said on my podcast, I don’t think it’s headed to Denver this week. However, we’re adamant about taking her straight up as it will be a boon for us as part of a parlay.

No one is reading this right now because we didn’t win, but read the last sentence. We made that choice.

On Sunday the Titans -1.5 and -130 S/U are on their way against them Commanders +1.5 and +110 S/U. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I want the Commanders to win just because it’s against our division rival, and it would kind of get Wentz back into the “Start 12+ games” conversation while the Commanders start this week ISO a were QB. We get some love by making them win right at +110, so let’s do it!

Here we were wrong.

I’ll take that Lions +3.5 and +270 S/U about the QB-less Patriots -3.5 and -170 S/U because you need one of these to play offensively in this game. Again, if we’re trying to make it big we should be taking bets that will help our parlay if we hit, so again I’d just take the lions straight up and ride the blitz. At least they are exciting to look at!

The lions lost here 0:29.

This is going to go straight over the head for some of you, but the texan +7 and +270 S/U are 2-1-1 on the ATS road and meet a division rival Jaguars -7 and -325 S/U. This is an example of a situation where we’re again forced to take the Texan team as an underdog to upset what appears to be a pretty good Jaguars team overall. I’m not saying they’ll upset the Jaguars, so no, we’re not priced into that either. Sometimes you have to let Vegas inform you. The Jags are likely to win, so let’s just hope for a close game.

Again, no one is reading this, but we nailed that excitement.

That Atlanta Falcons +9.5 and +340 S/U are on the road against the 4:0 ATS Buss -9.5 and -425 S/U. That feels pretty much like a no-brainer. Again, we’re not willing to take the Falcons to piss off the Bucs on the street, but they’re basically a lockdown to keep them around, right?

Have you. Definitely said they are a lock to keep it tight.

Last the Dallas Cowboys +5.5 and +195 S/U are on the road against the 3:1 ATS Aries -5.5 and -230 S/U. This is absolutely a situation where I would bet the Cowboys are keeping it tight because they expect to piss off the Rams because the conversation about Cooper Rush is undefeated and has to die at some point, right? Why not against the rulers super bowl Master?

Cooper Rush is still undefeated as a starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, if you could picture Jerry Jones as the one you’re looking at when you say, “God, I see what you do for other people. Can you at least do that for me?”

Anyway, last week we were a healthy 4/6 or 4-2.

Thursday night soccer

I have absolutely no hopes for Carson Wentz to do anything other than either shock me or totally disappoint me. There is no consistency here. The Commanders narrowly lost on Sunday and have to play on a poor pitch on Monday night. I just made a video with my wife where we pick the winners of each game. I said in that video that Carson Wentz has to win this game to keep his job! That’s how it is sometimes. I don’t want to bet on him or the commanders. I would like to take it Chicago +100 because I believe in growth, just not in Carson Wentz. I am torn. What do you think?

On Sunday/Monday

I would bet Patriots +2.5 Beat the Browns on the street all day, every day.

I think the Stallions -2 get cutting from the division against the Jaguars on Sunday.

I think the Vikings -3.5 Beat the dolphins on the street.

I think the Aries -10 beat the panthers at home.

I think the Chiefs +2.5 Home win against the Bills.

I would definitely take that Dallas Cowboys +6.5 again not to win the game, but to keep it tight against the undefeated Eagles.

Alright, here’s a pick for you Charger -4.5 by a mile across the Broncos.

Daily fantasy sport

I’ve yet to come up with a tried and true strategy, so I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’ve found the perfect solution to this – no, I tend to look for value for money until I go Points on the table when a splash game (like basically Travis Kelce moving in or losing to him at that point, right?) I like the Seahawks hosting the Cardinals when I think Geno Smith and Tyler Lockett are having a day could have. Also, I think there are a few certainties on a Sunday afternoon, and that’s mostly that the Indianapolis Colts aren’t going to have an effective game plan to stop the run or pass (win or lose) against the visiting Jaguars, so guess I think it’s good practice to bet on guys like James Robinson and Christian Kirk to get your way. I’d like to point out that the Jaguars literally just lost a game 13-6, which doesn’t bode well for this prediction, but it’s such a weekly league that I have to think the Colts could win and also give up the farm the process. I like Breece Hall and think the Bucs D/ST has a nice combination. Who do you have? To win something?

fantasy football

I have a feeling that if you have Travis Kelce and Lamar Jackson (like I do in my 4-1 league) this year, you’re going to have a good time. If you don’t, I’m willing to bet you’ll lose to teams that have them. I’m middling in my only cash league (however deep I went, I went 0QB and then got stuck with Tua and Teddy – both injured – and am now starting Kirk Cousins ​​or Carson Wentz in a short week – yuck! ) and bottomed out 1-4 in the Stampede Blue Staff League. After winning JT with the first overall win (I was convinced and would have taken Run CMc) my season just went uphill. How are you? To win something?

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