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Web video production

Want to make your own videos? Video marketing is a great way for your blog readers to get to know more about you. In fact, with over 4 Billion views per day YouTube is a must have social network for all bloggers. When it comes to making a great business video, demo video or sales video, one of the most important elements is your script.

Video is a great way for marketers to communicate their marketing message or offer with current and potential customers –
A 60 second marketing video only provides enough time for around 150 spoken words. That’s correct, an effective 60-second marketing video only has a 150 word script! ???

  • BLOT – Bottom Line On Top
  • Support The Core Message
  • Call to Action
  • Success!

Your script has to focus on your core message.   It’s better to say one thing clearly than to say on a number of things that don’t get fully explained..