Indie PR and creative agency Keep Left launches new brand positioning “Ideas People Choose” – Campaign Brief

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Independent PR and creative agency Keep Left has launched a new brand positioning aimed at curbing the leaky impact caused by ineffective communication with a strategy that puts the audience first and captures their attention.

Ideas that people choose represents Keep Left’s approach to communication in the increasingly blurred disciplines of PR, design, content and advertising. It recognizes that reduced marketing budgets and fragmented attention are driving marketers to look for new, different and creative ways to reduce noise and increase impact.

Caroline Catterall (pictured below), CEO of Keep Left, says: “We know that paid media can no longer guarantee the results it once did – even your paid media needs to earn their attention these days. That’s where Ideas that people choose comes into play – to give marketing a deserved sensibility and create a multiplier effect on the work and ultimately the bottom line.

“It’s a simple philosophy, and it springs from a desire to create effective work for clients, and by effective we mean work that audiences will choose. We created an agency model that truly puts the audience first and breaks down silos. The world doesn’t exist in Earned, Owned and Paid and neither do we.”

The new agency positioning is based on the evolution of Keep Left’s offering over the past two years, building skills in strategy, creative and account management, as well as PR and content marketing. New hires during this period included Blair Kimber as ECD and Mike Doman as Executive Strategy Director, helping to shape Keep Left’s broader offering and vision.

Catterall says, “While our PR services will continue to be a core offering, this brand evolution is about going beyond our PR roots and media relationships and engaging audiences through the channels that make the most sense.”

All the brains, creative trios and new shoes

The start of Ideas that people choose is supported by a host of new branding initiatives at Keep Left launched over the past six months, bringing the agency together as “One-Org”.

The key to this was the introduction of Holistic thinkinga new way of working that democratizes ideation by bringing together Lefties with diverse skillsets and perspectives to tackle client engagements and solve business problems.

Within these entire brain teams sit the “creative trios” of Keep Left – the pairing of an art director and copywriter with a PR specialist – who challenge the status quo of idea origin and give a deserved seat at the creative table from the start.

Catterall says: “Our whole brain sessions have been a really unifying experience internally, which has built a lot of respect between the trades. Most importantly, our customers notice the increase and are excited about the ideas we are producing.”

Another brand initiative was the launch of New Shoes Days where any leftie can take time to put themselves in the shoes of someone they wish to understand better – some spend the day working as traders, visiting retirement homes or volunteering with grassroots initiatives involving Aboriginal people and communities of Torres Strait Islanders are involved.

Says Catterall, “We don’t want to be an agency working for itself, so we immerse ourselves in the audience to overcome our prejudices and embrace those who think differently – a key value of the agency. These initiatives are inextricably linked Ideas that people choose.”

Keep Left celebrates its 21st birthday on November 1st, 2022, marking the milestone with the launch of a new content series (and a long lunch). Key clients include ANZ, Open Universities Australia, Guide Dogs Australia and Melbourne & Olympic Parks.

Indie PR and creative agency Keep Left launches new brand positioning 'Ideas People Choose'
Indie PR and creative agency Keep Left launches new brand positioning “Ideas People Choose”