I’m a career coach – my part-time job makes over $7,000 a month and it’s all about being a good listener

A CAREER coach has uncovered an online job opportunity that could make you more than $7,000 a month just by listening to phone calls.

YouTuber Melecia At Home said you could easily make thousands with a side hustle reviewing recorded customer service calls.


YouTuber Melecia at Home has revealed side hustles that can earn you thousands just by listening to phone callsPhoto credit: Facebook/Work at Home Explorers
She said you can actually get paid to screen customer service calls


She said you can actually get paid to screen customer service callsPhoto credit: Getty

“Have you ever called a company and heard, ‘This call is being recorded?'” the career coach asked in a video.

It turns out that companies record customer service calls for a reason and are willing to pay people a maximum amount to review the audio and report their findings.

Melecia rounded up several companies that offer the ability to screen calls and said the jobs can pay anywhere from $13 to $35 an hour.

“That can depend on the company and your experience and the specific details and responsibilities of the job,” the side-hustle professional said.

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First up is a company called Humanatic.

Humanatic offers a ton of work-from-home opportunities, which means you can get paid to hear calls from the comfort of your bedroom.

While this company only pays around $13 to $16 an hour, according to Melecia, call screening is really easy and anyone can pick up.

“So you listen to a recorded phone call, answer simple questions with the click of a button, and make real money,” she said.

“It’s absolutely free to sign up and get started.”

Another great aspect of Humanatic is that you can create your own schedule and work as much as you like.

There are also opportunities to take more complex calls and rise through the ranks.

The next opportunity Melecia has found is a quality analyst position at a company called Cognosante.

This is a part-time gig that runs four-hour shifts and pays around $20 an hour, according to the YouTuber.

While the company requires certain skills from the applicant, work experience is not required, so almost anyone can apply.

The last two companies that Melecia pointed out require some experience, but encourage those who don’t fully meet the requirements to apply anyway.

The first job is called Sales Center Quality Assurance Technician at the Ferguson Company.

The next opportunity is called Quality Assurance Associate at Talkspace.

The side hustle professional said these are higher-paying positions, so there’s more responsibility.

However, both are simply reviewing records and other materials from the comfort of your own home without the need to make or take customer calls.

While all of these opportunities appear to have potential, Melecia encourages part-time employees to continue doing their own research to verify salaries and responsibilities.

These opportunities are great for the independent but anti-social worker, but a TikToker also highlighted the best remote working opportunities for night owls.

This includes being a virtual assistant or even a customer service representative, but schedules are on your own terms.

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There’s also an incredible side hustle that yields $30,000 in profits for just 10 minutes of work a day.

Also, if you have the strength to talk to people on the phone often, you could end up making $120,000 a year on your phone alone.