I made the easiest $100,000 ever by “swimming against the current” — and I’ll never regret repeating my side hustle

A TikToker has revealed how she worked hours for very little money and now has a simple $100,000 business.

The influencer is called RealCodieSanchez and creates business content for more than 900,000 followers.


Codie Sanchez revealed how she easily made $100,000 by buying a laundromatCredit: TikTok/realcodiesanchez

“I went against the grain and did this one thing I will never regret, repeatedly, to increase my income,” Codie wrote under her video. “Don’t let people write the rules for you.”

“Don’t let people get in the way of what you really want,” she added.

“Ask what you want, go after what you want. Invest in math, not feelings.”

So how did Codie, through her own willpower, create such a successful company?

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Codie said she “virtually sold[her]soul” by working “a million hours” to make her first $100,000, but there was an easier way.

She said the most realistic way to make $100,000 is to buy a local laundromat.

The way there

By finding a laundromat owner looking to retire, Codie was able to get seller financing for the business.

This means the buyer can pay the seller in installments instead of using a traditional bank or credit union mortgage.

This lowers upfront costs and allows you to pay for a property with a portion of the profits you are already making from running the business.

“I didn’t realize it was something normal,” Codie said.

“I just asked them if there was a way to pay for it over a period of time.”

Codie’s efforts paid off.

She said that one small change in choosing to own a company with cash flow rather than having an income tied to a role and always having to ask a company for more money changed everything for her.

The laundromat ended up generating much more revenue, allowing Codie to pay the seller back and make more than $37,000 a year.

This amount was all based on a deal that is fairly automated.

“The things you do for your first $100,000 aren’t going to be the things you do for your last $100,000,” Codie told his followers.

What you need to know if you run a laundromat

Owning a laundromat doesn’t require you to be in business all the time, but it does mean patrolling the store occasionally, collecting the receipts and making sure your equipment is clean and working.

You have to decide on your business model and there are many ways to automate payment for customers.

If you have other help, you will need to add payroll in addition to developing your marketing plan as a business.

Remember that with any part-time job, you must declare all income for tax purposes, just like with any other job.

Other side hustles

While Codie has demonstrated a successful track record with her laundromat business, there are various other chores you can take up without the upfront cost.

For example, a TikToker revealed the best remote work jobs to do at night.

This includes being a virtual assistant or even a customer service representative, but schedules are on your own terms.

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There’s also an incredible side hustle that yields $30,000 in profits for just 10 minutes of work a day.

Also, if you have the strength to talk to people on the phone often, you could end up making $120,000 a year on your phone alone.

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