“Content engagement via social media drives brand success”

Knowledge of social media and video formats has become a holy grail for marketers. The world has evolved towards the visual spectrum of content intake. The e4m Martech Conference spoke about the technology and importance of social media and video marketing and had a panel discussion on “How Video and Social Entertainment are Transforming Marketing”.

The panel was chaired by Bharat Khatri, Chief Digital Officer, APAC, Omnicom Media Group and consisted of Francis Rodrigues, SVP – Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, HDFC Life, Amit Midha, Digital Head, Oppo, Anuja Mishra, Chief Marketing Officer, Mamaearth , Dattatray Shivaji Katkar, Sales Director, Brightcove and Saikat Sinha, Head – Digital Marketing and Transformation, Lenovo.

The panel spoke about how the world of video, content and creators has become an integral part of brand performance, and the technology required to make it all possible.

Mamaearth’s Anuja Mishra spoke about the importance of content and social media helping not only the top funnel but also the bottom funnel of marketing. “While we started as a D2C organization over six years ago, today we are an organization that is expanding online and offline. Our findings have been tremendous for social usage, cross-influencer, creator and video usage alike in both short and long format.”

“I can definitely say that we have seen very strong use cases and successes in using relevant video content in terms of driving full funnel metrics. It has brought us very strong awareness, brand relevance and image parameters. Conversions are also promoted in the same way. As such, I strongly believe in leveraging authentic and relevant content, whether that be through partnering with creator influencers or building your own organic content.”

Dattatray Shivaji Katkar spoke about how engagement plays a big part in sales promotion. “In this day and age, it’s very important for marketers to focus on creating engaging experiences so they can play a very crucial role in the consumer buying cycle. With all due respect to all brands, most websites today are like a menu. There is no interactivity or communication. So we’ve seen that 90% of third-party interactions are on video, compared to 10% on text. Therefore, in this day and age, videos play a very crucial role for most marketers and CMOs because they don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy.”

Francis Rodrigues, SVP – E-Commerce & Digital Marketing, HDFC Life, told the panel how they have adapted to optimize different social media rules. “Thanks to the big technology around you, you have to optimize (videos) for it. They have vertical and horizontal formats. They even have creative guidelines like showing the person’s face or close-up of the eyes to start with. Everything Google and Facebook are telling you about Creator Optimization, we’ve started doing some of those things.”

Lenovo’s Saikat Sinha spoke about what technology should be discarded and what will work for brands going forward to leverage martech for growth. “There are several legacy systems available to organizations. One of them is the SQL database. There are database people who get the data by inserting filters and send the data to an email agency. I think this whole system, I don’t see that in many years. What’s definitely going to happen is the integration of martech and adtech together, so we call it different names, but I’d say it’s like Marketing Cloud, where we have the customer’s first-party data, we know their preferences and then we target them . So that’s only going to happen if a martech and an adtech talk to each other. So, I think that’s the technology that’s the future.”

Towards the end of the panel discussion, Anuja Mishra from Mamaearth explained how to use social media and video formats correctly and not get carried away by technology. “In this whole ocean of content, video, social media and technology, I think we as marketers sometimes get too carried away and excited. With so many of these new phenomena and the excitement of using them, we sometimes kind of lose sight of the big picture. I think make it clear what your business goal is and how that translates into KPIs at each step of the funnel. What does the consumer journey look like and how would you like to build your brand journey at the same time? And then what is the role of video or social? Just saying what hasn’t changed is keeping your strategies simple and relatable and authentic. So all I’m saying is try different platforms, social, quick commerce, your own websites and apps, but ultimately I think keep a filter for what works. You have to be really, really quick to drop some of these things and make sure you stay the course of the strategy.”

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