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City council approves application for reallocation of developer, other zoning matters

Published Tuesday 18 October 2022 15:09

Albemarle City Council approved two rezoning ordinances and a tentative plan for a new cluster subdivision Monday night.

The first involved the annexation and rededication of about 13 acres of land on Forever Road.

The applicant, Golden Terrain LLC, wanted the property to be rezoned from County RA/Residential Agriculture to City R-10/General Residential for the purpose of developing the land as a single-family housing cluster development.

Golden Terrain proposes developing the site with about 36 to 40 single-family homes, although the city’s planning department believes such a development is more likely to involve between 30 and 44 single-family homes, Kevin Robinson, director of planning and development services, told the council . The influx of new housing is expected to add between 73 and 106 new residents.

The city’s revenue would increase by $62,000 to $90,000, Robinson said, which would include an increase in spending on the fire department ($23,000 to $34,000), police ($16,000 to $24,000) and public works ($7,000). up to $10,000) required to perform the required services.

According to Robinson, utility services for the site will not be available until expanded from adjacent properties as it develops. Because the properties are approximately 30 to 70 feet lower than existing US Highway 52 service lines, additional lift stations will be required.

A traffic impact analysis is not required. Robinson told the City Council that a single family settlement on this site would add about 300 to 440 trips per day to Forever Road and Highway 52.

Golden Terrain representative Michael Sandy said the plan is to combine the 13 acres with 122 acres to the north that have already been annexed and rededicated to the city.

“Basically what you’re going to see going forward is a project with the 122 acres north plus the 12 acres for development,” Sandy said.

The council also approved a motion by Burleson Square LLC to rezon six acres along Coble Avenue from the General Highway Business District to the Light Industrial District.

Joseph Burleson plans to build a new warehouse with traditional storage and air-conditioned storage. The property has been used as a warehouse for Frito Lay for years.

“We’re trying to expand our business in Albemarle,” Burleson told the council. “With all the new developments that you have approved in Albemarle over the past few years, there is a need for storage space and we would like to offer that business here.”

Finally, the council approved a tentative area for a 43-acre cluster subdivision in the watershed at the intersection of Woodhurst Lane and Anderson Road and NC Highway 24-27.

The subdivision, which will be named Morrow Springs, is planned to consist of 97 lots, each ranging in size from 7,500 to 15,448 square feet.

Most of the 43-acre property was incorporated into the city limits in August and the entire site was zoned into R-15s.

At the Aug. 15 meeting, Robinson told the council that the development would bring between 217 and 251 new residents and increase city-collected revenue by $179,000 to $207,000.

The platform includes approximately 18 hectares of open space, with nine hectares proposed for active use facilities, including seating, activated turf and play structures.

Sidewalks, one and a half feet long, have been proposed along the outer portions of the subdivision, as well as on either side of the interior.

There is currently town water, sewerage and electricity to service the proposed site from Anderson Road.

After Robinson’s presentation, the council approved the plan, provided the changes proposed by the planning department were incorporated.

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