BW farms, artisans featured on the annual Ag+Art tour

Gregory Brown of Greenleaf Farms sold fresh produce from his garden at Doko Farm on Cedar Creek Road. | Photos: Barbara Ball

BLYTHEWOOD — Three Blythewood farms, which offer their own produce and showcase a range of artisans, took part in an Ag+Art Tour of 11 counties last weekend, opening their front gates to hundreds of visitors on Saturday and Sunday.

Visitors loaded their cars with farm eggs, fresh flowers and vegetables, artwork, and took fun photos of their children posing with farm animals. Musicians performed on consecutive sunny days at some of the farms.

Many told the farm owners they would be back, using the tour as a year-long guide to finding locally grown foods and handmade treasures.

The Purple Tuteur Farm on Langford Road, which grows and sells a variety of garden flowers to local florists and the public, not only displayed their thriving gardens but also several vendors – May Vokaty’s Molly Creek Soaps; The hammered copper work of sculptor Ellen Emerson Yaghjian and others.

Doko Farm on Cedar Creek Road featured a virtual petting zoo, as well as an Elgin vendor selling shabby-chic farmhouse furniture, a gardener selling his potatoes, flowers and round green squash, and graphic designer Caroline McKay’s greeting cards, some of which were designed by the farm environment and a specially designed Father’s Day card.

At Fabel Farm on Hinnants Store Road, there were not only the farm’s vegetables, but also several vendors, including Kevin Cullis’ demonstration of how he transformed a block of cedar into a charming potpourri pot with an intricately carved silver lid.

For the families who visited Blythewood’s Ag+Art farms, it was a weekend in the country to remember fondly.

Gardener Linda Bradley, owner of Purple Tuteur Farm, conducts a garden tour on Sunday.
Paula Green (left) and her pup Sebastian Wolfington shop for May Vokaty’s Molly Creek soaps at Purple Tuteur Farm on Langford Road.