BDN is hosting 2 virtual events to cover the basics about PFAS and what it means

Maine is at the forefront of research into – and response to – PFAS contamination in the US.

The Bangor Daily News and the Maine Farmland Trust are collaborating to present a two-part “PFAS 101 class” on the impact of the contamination, what Mainers need to know, and possible avenues for the state. If you are new to or have heard of PFAS contamination but have questions about its importance, we hope you will join us.

Panelists with expertise in food and farm operations, water and human health will participate in two sessions that will lay out the basics of what is known about PFAS (and just how big it really is) and what’s next for Maine and the Rest of the world comes country.

Oct 25, 5:30 p.m.: What we now know

What are PFAS, what do they do to water, soil, food, and bodies, and how do they affect agriculture and human health in Maine — and across the country? Co-moderated by Tricia Rouleau, Director of MFT Farm Network, and Mehr Sher, BDN Environmental Reporter, find out how PFAS is affecting us all and where we stand with our three panelists:

  • Meagan Hennessey, Director of PFAS Response – Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
  • dr Jean MacRae, Associate Professor – UMaine Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • dr Noah Nesin, Primary Care Innovation Advisor – Penobscot Community Health Care

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Nov 15, 5:30 p.m.: What can be done

What can be done about PFAS contamination in our water, farmland and body? Co-moderated by MFT’s Vice President and Associate Director Ellen Stern Griswold and BDN Investigative Editor Erin Rhoda, learn about current and future research and policy efforts with our three panelists:

  • dr Rachel Schattman, Assistant Professor – UMaine School of Food & Agriculture
  • Steve Woodard, Chief Innovation Officer, Emerging Compounds Treatment Technologies (ECT2)
  • dr Abby Fleisch, pediatric endocrinologist and environmental health researcher – MaineHealth

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This series of events is co-presented by Bangor Daily News and Maine Farmland Trust and sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare.