IX peering options so good you never saw them coming

Ninja-IX now has IX deployments at EdgeConneX facilities in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Norfolk and Houston, with 9 additional markets planned for later this year and early 2023

EdgeConneX® expanded its partnership with Ninja IX, a non-profit Internet Exchange (IX) operator and parent company of several Internet Exchange Fabrics in the United States. The initial collaboration started in 2016 with Phoenix-IX’s first Ninja-IX deployment in the EdgeConneX Phoenix data center (PHX01) and has grown to a current traffic volume of over 90 Gbps with over 60+ participants sharing the Internet Exchange Public Peering Use Fabric.

In addition to Phoenix-IX, Ninja-IX now has IX deployments at EdgeConneX facilities in Las Vegas (Vegas-IX), Norfolk (Norfolk-IX), and Houston (Houston-IX), with IX deployments planned in 9 additional markets are later this year and early 2023.

“We have had notable success with Ninja-IX at our Phoenix facility and look forward to partnering with Ninja-IX to enable additional connectivity and peering access options in our new and planned Ninja-IX markets. This latest expansion effort by IX is a testament to our commitment to offer our on-premises customers the best possible peering options and deliver a better end-user experience at the edge.” – Aron Smith, Vice President of Interconnection Product Management at EdgeConneX

In addition to the markets already deployed, EdgeConneX and Ninja-IX have additional facilities planned for later this year and early next year including Memphis, Madison, Santa Clara, Minneapolis, Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee, New Orleans and Nashville.

“We operate Internet Exchanges as a neutral third party in 10 metro areas across the country and in the Bahamas in Nassau. We do this by only working with the best and most innovative data center operators in these markets. Our growing partnership with EdgeConneX will allow us to offer more access to cloud, content providers and eyeball networks through EdgeConneX’s US-based footprint. Our participants can expect higher performance (low latency) and increased security (fewer hops) by connecting via EdgeConneX facilities. All of our current exchanges are OPEN-IX certified to meet or exceed industry standards. As a non-profit operator, our relationship with EdgeConneX is a win-win for their customers and ours.” – Paul Emmons, Founder and CEO of Ninja-IX

For more information, please visit www.edgeconnex.com.