Equitybee unveils list of top 100 startups based on investor demand after 2022 economic crash

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Equitybee, the employee-focused stock option financing solution, today announces an exclusive ranking of the most in-demand private companies, the Equitybee 100.

Each year, Equitybee publishes a list of the 10 pre-IPO companies that are generating the most interest in its investor network, which spans industries such as aerospace engineering, food technology, consumer technology, enterprise software, fintech and many more. This list has been expanded to 100 companies. Due to the global economic turmoil, Equitybee has experienced seismic shifts in demand in the startup market in the investor community.

Since April 2022, Equitybee’s analysis shows how investor interest has evolved in several companies that were previously in high demand in the fourth quarter of 2021. Given the current economic challenges starting in Q2 2022, the Equitybee Investor Network’s most in-demand startups list will be published at the beginning of the quarter rather than at the end of the year to provide an updated -union perspective.

“The Equitybee 100 list showcases the companies that demonstrate significant demand from Equitybee’s network of 20,000 investors who have witnessed the dramatic transformation of the global economy,” said Oren Barzilai, co-founder and CEO of Equitybee. “Demand from investors in these companies has increased, and during the current market turmoil we will focus on supporting employees of high-demand startups.”

The first 20 companies on the list are:

  1. SpaceX

  2. stripes

  3. data bricks

  4. instacart

  5. Reddit

  6. Cockroach Labs

  7. Impossible Foods

  8. chimes

  9. DuckDuckGo

  10. gusto

  11. Map

  12. discord

  13. The boring company

  14. master class

  15. tower

  16. Houzz

  17. plaid

  18. acorns

  19. Next door

  20. Rothys

For the full Equitybee 100 list and to learn more about investing in the top private companies on the Equitybee platform, please visit https://blog.equitybee.com/meet-the-equitybee-100-the-top-startups -based-on-investor-demand/.

About Equitybee

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