Contently appoints Brooke Gocklin as new editor-in-chief

Contently is proud to announce the hiring of Brooke Gocklin as the new Editor-in-Chief. Gocklin will oversee the strategy, creation and execution of Contently’s content marketing programs and publications.

“With 10 years of content marketing experience, Brooke brings a unique perspective to the team,” said Dawn DiLorenzo, Contently Head of Marketing. “Her journalism training and background in enterprise SaaS technology make her the perfect choice to take charge of our content programs. She’s the kind of thought leader that marketers need now.”

Gocklin comes to Contently from Persado, a leading provider of AI speech generation. During her time at Persado, Gocklin led content partnerships with major outlets such as Adweek and the Marketing AI Institute, achieved a 37% MQL-to-SQL conversion rate and increased marketing revenue from content campaigns by 11%.

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“The Contently Editor-in-Chief is the face of our brand. So finding the right solution was a priority,” said Pearl Collings, CEO of Contently. “Brooke has a fresh perspective on the industry and we can’t wait to share her insights with our community of marketers and content creators.”

This new hire will help shape the future of content for the brand and work to position the company for future growth under DiLorenzo’s leadership. The position of Editor-in-Chief is crucial for Contently due to their influence on the market.

“This is really a dream job for me,” said Gocklin. “Early on in my career, I studied journalism at Ohio University and wanted nothing more than to be the editor-in-chief of TIME. While loving my traditional journalism training, I realized I had a different passion for advertising. Over the last 10 years I have worked my way up at various B2B SaaS companies. At this moment, not only does it come full circle for me as the CEO of Contently came from Time Inc., but this position also gives me the perfect opportunity to combine my traditional journalism background with the SaaS marketing expertise I have in the acquired throughout my career.”

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The hiring comes at a pivotal time for the marketing industry, as brands seek to balance economic uncertainty with the need for groundbreaking content. Gocklin has witnessed a monumental shift in the content marketing landscape since the beginning of her career.

“A new age of content marketing is upon us, and it requires marketers to embrace advanced technologies like AI,” said Gocklin. “As creators, we must learn to embrace technology as a partner and allow it to be more strategic in our daily endeavors.”

Gocklin plans to implement a strategic digital shift in Contently’s content strategy to equip business leaders with the insights they need to thrive in this new age of content marketing.